23 februari 2024

1 gedachte over “BEKIJK: “Dr. Erickson Covid19 Briefing” gecensureerd door YouTube

  1. good job , keep it up!
    humanity is in real danger here and this is war.
    the top 5 richest people and companies are tech-giants involved in transhumanism .I.A. quantum dot,s digital tracking chipping 5G.
    if i connect the dots ,;
    1 covid = reason
    2-vacine and fusing human dna whit foreign dna+quantum dot,s = emotion and behaviour control agent
    3-weaponised 5G = control mechanism
    4-tracking chip = tracking device
    5-target=free will
    6-goal=total control and domination.human race

    to me these days i saw coming 20 yrs ago and is written about 2000 yrs ago
    a vaccine and trackingchip will be equal to selling my soul to eviland is the mark of the b east !
    and will never happen!!!

    tot me vacine and chip

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